Sangita's Green Gallery

Plants are the most versatile and simplest decor element that can add life to any dull corner of your house. We help to create green spaces and style green corners for your home or offices where you can be one with nature. Let us together make over your green space with your love and our expertise at an affordable price.

The idea of simply simplifying gardening, making it more fun than complicated sparked the idea of our DIY Gardening and microgreens grow kit. Getting the best quality seeds to assembling all that you need to begin your garden is in place. The firm belief that gifts should be eco-friendly and sustainable, we are continuously bringing new ideas to choose from either gifting a plant or a DIY Gardening or terrariums or kokedamas. You have wide range to choose from.

We love motivating people and talking about all things green, from gardening as a hobby to gardening workshops for the corporate. We have covered a wide range of topics and done more than 200 workshops, encouraging people to be a ‘plant parent’. We welcome you all to join and experience fun, friendly and rewarding journey of gardening with us.

The Curator

Sangita Porwal

Sangita’s Green Gallery is curated by Sangita Porwal who has been a passionate gardening  enthusiast since very early in life. The terrace garden at her maternal home lead to her teen-age  interest in plants and gardening. She started learning deeply, and experimenting her own  techniques in gardening. Alongwith this she took interest in green home decor and learnt  various other forms of growing and exhibiting plants.. be it Bonsai, Kokedama or Terrarium.  

 She has been an ardent member of the Bonsai Society of India. Her learnings gave way to conducting workshops. Earlier, physically training groups of new gardening enthusiasts and  now by conducting online classes as well. 

 She operates from Mumbai as well as Nashik. Her Nashik home ‘Yasho-Govind’ is a  synonym for a garden outside as well as inside, with special areas dedicated to  experimentations, displays and conducting workshop. 

 Sangita Porwal is now a professional landscape designer, decor plant stylist and designer  of terrace gardens. A post graduate from commerce stream she has been a finance consultant.  She has also been socially very active including wearing a presidential crown of a coveted chapter of Lions Club International. She is mother of two daughters, one an architect and  another actor-cum-model and her husband runs an architectural practice.